Elke Karnik, Sabine Kuehnle, Rikke Lundgreen


Duration of the exhibition

16.09 – 27.10.2022



Thursday 15.09.2022, 18 00


Exhibition space



Opening hours

Tue.- Fri: 11 00-18 00

only by appointment per mail or phone (069 74303771)


In their works, the artists Elke Karnik (1963, Germany/Norway), Sabine Kuehnle (1968, Germany) and Rikke Lundgreen (1974, Norway) in a variety of ways explore cultural history and personal memories in relation to our present.


The phenomenon of echo opens up a field for the artists in their exhibition in BASEMENT at AF that could not be more exciting when viewed from different perspectives. Echo, also a figure of Greek mythology, can stand for different versions of reality, for a system of navigation and for something that comes back.