“Radioactivity – Curse or Blessing?”


Third evening of the interdisciplinary dialogue platform.


When & Where

Thursday, 28.09.2023,

Beginn 19 o’clock

Entry from 18 o’clock

Clubraum on the ground floor

Drinks & Snacks provided by KANTINE im AF





Saori Kaneko & Richard Welz, artist duo, Leipzig


Prof. Dr. Christian Graeff, Professor for Radiation Therapy Technology, Dean’s Office Electrical Engineering and IT, TU Darmstadt


Prof Dr. Clemens Walther, Institute of Radioecology and Radiation Protection, Leibniz University Hannover


Moderation: Dennis Schulz, Physicist and Science Slammer, Heidelberg



The dialogue platform PERSPEKTIVWECHSEL brings together artists and scientists from various disciplines for an evening of conversation at ATELIERFRANKFURT. Connected to this exchange is the hope for a new perspective on the world, one that makes us aware of the complexity of the existential challenges of our time.


On the third evening of discussion – this time on the topic of “Radioactivity – Curse or Blessing?” – Saori Kaneko, Richard Welz, Prof. Dr. Clemens Walter, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Graeff will engage in a conversation about the various facets of radioactivity and where it encounters us, whether naturally occurring or human-made. It can serve both as a therapy and a cause of diseases. For some, nuclear energy and nuclear weapons are indispensable for the energy transition and our geopolitical security, while for others, they represent the greatest existential threat. Radioactivity polarizes like few other physical phenomena.


How can we achieve a constructive societal discourse on this topic?



Sponsored by

Dr. Marschner Stiftung

Dr. Hans Feith und Dr. Elisabeth Feith-Stiftung

Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main

Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain

Lindley Lindenberg


Concept & planning: Heike Sütter, contemporary art projects / Jana Hartmann, artist / Corinna Bimboese, director ATELIERFRANKFURT


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